4 Simple &Amp; Economical Ways To Generate Website Traffic}

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Submitted by: Carol Oon

One of the biggest challenges facing web-based businesses is trying to generate website traffic. Advertising on the web can be costly. For some small businesses, advertising costs can eat up a large chunk of profits. Some website owners find it too cost-prohibitive, especially in the beginning stages of a business. However, not to worry, there are a number of ways to generate website traffic for free. In fact, the opportunities for free advertising are almost unlimited.

Here are 4 of the best ways to generate free traffic:

1) Writing and distributing articles. There are a few benefits to writing, posting, and distributing quality articles. Firstly, generating traffic via search engines is free. Search engines level the playing field and allow every website owner an equal chance at garnering web traffic. The trick is posting articles that are rich in keywords that are relevant to your website. Secondly, the Internet is rife with article distribution sites. You can write keyword rich articles containing links to your site and then distribute them to article distribution sites. Your article (s) is then made available for anyone on the web to post for free on their own web pages.

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2) Social bookmarking. Although these sites are fairly low traffic, this makes them economical to use. It works similarly to the bookmarking feature on your browser’s toolbar. The main difference is that using a social bookmarking site allows other Internet users to see your bookmarks. You can create an account with one or more of the many social bookmarking sites on the web. Then you bookmark pages from your site. You can add your own tags to each bookmark. This allows users to see what a particular bookmarked page is about with one glance. Most sites allow you to use multiple tags for each bookmark. When a user wants to find a page related to a particular topic, he can search through tags to locate relevant pages.

3) Ezine advertising. Contributing to an ezine is another way to lure free traffic to your website. Ezines, the cyber equivalent of printed magazines, usually focus on a specific niche or interest. By contributing to an ezine that is devoted to the area of your business, you target web surfers with an interest in your product/service.

4) Join an online forum. This is another great way to target the specific types of customers who might be interested in your services/products. There are thousands of these on the web devoted to a variety of subjects. There are also online forums which are social in nature but may have sub-forums related to your business.

Some website owners feel overwhelmed with the task of submitting articles to directories for linkbuilding for linkbuilding such as Ezines or trying to find relevant online forums. However, just a few hours of work can actually lead to a big payoff when it comes to driving free traffic to your website. In fact, you may find that you end up creating a snowball effect: the more links that you post, the more people that will find your site. At the same time, the more links that you post, the easier it is for the search engines to find your site. The quicker the search engines find your pages, the faster they’ll be indexed and ranked.

Once you’re ranked, you’ll be exposed to even higher numbers of potential visitors and customers. For a start, since submitting articles for generating traffic via search engines is free, why don’t you try it today? The potential for web traffic is nearly limitless as the submitted articles to directories are building quality backlinks to your websites.

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How To Collect Medical Billing Claims From Insurance Companies

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By Peter Geisheker

Physicians have always had to juggle the tasks of their office. Often, small practices could not afford to hire an office staff and the physician would have to do it all; see patients, make appointment, and fill out and submit medical claims to insurance companies. The problem was physicians would rely on the payment from the insurance company and if a mistake were made the claim would be rejected, leaving the physician to start all over again.

In today’s technology based workplace, a physician does not have to do everything him or herself. There are companies who have specially trained professionals to assist you in your billing needs, giving the physician more time to spend with patients.

Medical billing today is an integral part of healthcare. Healthcare providers understand that medical billing is a serious part of the medical practices financial status, as do the medical billing companies that process their claims.

Medical billing is the process of collecting fees for medical services. It is a highly specialized field that requires special training. Medical billing is an important part of a medical practice because it is the one thing that can hinder payment from the insurance company and put the practice into financial crisis.

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Handling medical claims in the office could lead to financial hardship if the insurance company finds any mistakes and rejects the claim.

A medical billing company specializes in billing for any type of medical facility. The can process claims infinitely faster because all claims are filed electronically. This means that the claims are paid in days instead of weeks or months.

Many medical practices hire a person to file their medical claims; the problem with this is that all of the ‘I’s’ need to be dotted and the ‘T’s’ need to be crossed or the insurance company will reject the claim and the process will start all over again. This can create a huge problem if more than one claim is rejected.

Medical billing companies track each claim to insure that it is accepted and to make changes should mistakes occur. The claim is resubmitted electronically, and what used to take months now only takes hours.

Many medical practices need to have employees who can multi task, when medical billing is involved, it requires total concentration and attention to detail. This often means that a practice will have to hire an additional person to do the medical billing. It is an added expense that any practice can do without with they hire a medical billing company. Often, the cost of using a medical billing company is less than a full time employee.

The success of medical billing is astounding. More than ninety percent of all claims are accepted on the first submission, allowing medical practices to receive payment for their services much faster then any other method.

One of the biggest advantages to medical billing is that anyone in the medical field can use medical billing services. Dermatologist to Phlebotomist can use medical billing to submit their claims.

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