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Crazy Cabbies: GPS Tracking


Herbert Reich

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Taxicabs, also called just cabs or taxis, are a kind of single passenger or small group public transport. Taxis act as vehicles for hire, and transport people between locations of their choice for a fee. Unlike buses and trains, the passenger determines the pick up and drop off points, not the driver. There are four major kinds of taxicab, though they may not be called by these names, depending on location. nnHackney carriages are available for hailing or public hire, and can be hired on the street. Private hire vehicles are also available, and may be called minicabs. Private hire taxis are available only by pre-booking – you can\’t hire them on the street. Jitneys, or taxibuses, are a type of bus/taxicab hybrid that operate on preset routes like a bus. Limousines are also a kind of taxi, but are usually only available by pre-booking. nnThe customs and standards pertaining to taxi vary from country to country, and sometimes from city to city. The first hackney carriages started operating in the early seventeenth century in London and Paris. The first service we can document was started by a man called Nicolas Sauvage in Paris, and dates from 1640s. His vehicles were called fiacres, since the major vehicle depot in the city was near a shrine to St. Fiacre. In French, this term is still used to describe horse drawn carriages for hire. The Hackney Carriage Act was passed in London in 1635 and was the first legislated control on vehicles for hire in English. Eventually hansom cabs replaced older vehicles due to being faster and safer.nnA major advance in taxi services was the taximeter. This device, originally mechanical but now often electronic, calculates the fare in the cab. The first modern taxicab equipped with a meter was the Daimler Victoria, built in 1897. Gas powered taxicabs started operating in Paris in 1899, in 1903 in London, and in 1907 in New York. During the twentieth century, taxicabs became more and more common, partially due to the integration of two way radios into them in the 1940s. This worked more efficiently than the previous callbox method. In the 1980s, computer aided dispatching came into being, and was a significant innovation.nnOne of the common traits among taxi drivers is that experienced ones are expected to have a strong knowledge of all the places their customers may wish to go. However, as time goes on and technology advances, more and more taxicab companies are beginning to use GPS tracking in their vehicles. This augments the traditional printed map included in most taxicabs. Poorer countries generally still rely on the driver\’s memory and the map, since GPS is not always available. Despite the availability of this technology, some areas that have the option of using GPS tracking do not make use of it. London\’s black cab taxis, for instance, still rely on strict training of their drivers instead. Minicabs, on the other hand, are making use of this technology much more frequently.

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Moving With Pets? 5 Ways To Ensure A Safe And Stress Free Move}

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Submitted by: Best Deal Movers LLC

Moving to a new residence can be exciting and difficult at the same time both for you and your pets. Most animals easily become anxious whenever something out of the ordinary happens so just imagine how they would feel if you suddenly introduce them to a new environment. They would surely be terrified!

Thankfully, there are ways to make the transition as smooth and as stress-free as possible. Here are some tips that can help you move your pet to your new home without encountering any problems and help them adjust to their new surroundings in record time.

Introduce your pet to its new crate. Introducing your pet to its new crate a few weeks before moving day can make your furry friend more comfortable during the big day. Just make sure that the crate is well-ventilated and sturdy enough to keep your pet secure during the move.

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Keep food and medications accessible. Instead of packing all your pets essentials in one of your moving boxes, make sure you have enough food, medications, toys and grooming tools on hand to keep your pet nourished and comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.

Remove them from the action. Keep your pet calm during moving day by keeping it in the quietest area possible (an empty bedroom, the bathroom, or in the garage) until you are ready to load it into your car. Any place would be fine just as long as you keep your furry companion away from all the action and the noise. You can also leave your pet with a friend or a kennel for the day (highly recommended).

Keep them safe in your car. Dont let your pet run free in the car. Smaller pets can be kept in a secure carrier while larger dogs can be transported in a kennel in the back of the car. Since unfamiliar surroundings can cause undue stress, do not transport your pets in the trunk of your car, in an open truck bed or in the storage area of a moving van to keep them from running away.

Take breaks. Make sure you give your pet potty breaks if youre going to be in the car for long periods of time.

Whether moving farther than 50 miles in Georgia, or leaving the Atlanta area for a new location out of state, Best Deal Movers is the licensed and insured moving company ready to go the distance with you. We are prepared to assist you from start to finish with the same professionally trained moving crew who will safely pack, load, and move your items from your current location to your new home. Your items are never combined with another job and we never use contract workforce or day laborers to handle your belongings at any time. This means that we can deliver outstanding customer service from start to finish. Each of our trucks has a GPS tracking system so we always know the precise location of your inventory, giving you peace of mind for the long haul!

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