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The Sanctuary of Truth is a monumental wooden structure set on a rocky point of the coast just north of Pattaya, in Naklua. This gigantic structure covers an area of more than 3200 sq meters. The top point of the building is about 105 meters high. Its construction is such that it can withstand the wind and sunshine on the seashore. The colossal structure the Sanctuary of Truth perhaps makes it the largest wooden building in the world.

The building was constructed according to ancient Thai ingenuity and every square inch of the building is covered with wooden carve sculpture. The sculptures are used to reflect Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. It is believed that visitors will understand Ancient Life, Human Responsibility, Basic Thought, Cycle of living, Life Relationship with Universe and Common Goal of Life.

The structure of the Sanctuary of Truth can be segregated into four wings each of which has its own style. If one is bedecked with Chinese motifs, another resembles the monumental architecture of Angkor Wat. The wing consisting of the main entrance is typically Thai. Exterior of the building is now complete. However, work in the interior is still going on.

Songtaews (small pickup trucks) regularly ply between Pattaya and Naklua. If you rent a car or motorbike, your journey to the temple would be much more comfortable. Horse or buggy ride from the car park to the top of the hill is very interesting. If you are accustomed of traveling in a car, you would find riding a car or buggy intriguing.

The construction of this sanctuary started about 20 years ago. The work at the sanctuary is still incomplete. A team of 250 woodworkers are still carving away on the sanctuary. Construction was only begun after many years of research by Khun Lek himself. Although the overall shape roughly follows traditional Thai architecture, the temple is richly detailed with wood carvings depicting the four major philosophical and artistic influences that can be seen in Thailand: Hindu, Khmer, Chinese and Thai. Construction is not expected to be completed for another five years.

Much of the exterior appears complete, although some parts now have to be repaired due to their long exposure to the elements. Most of the new work being done now is on the interior. The inside is being covered in the same rich carvings as the outside. Shafts of light illuminate the richly carved ceiling of the sanctuary.

Sadly, Khun Lek passed away a few years ago, so he will never see the sanctuary completed. But the work goes on according to his meticulous plan.

Although incomplete, the building site is open to visitors who want to view the work in progress. The 500 Baht (14.05 USD) entrance fee is a bit steep, but that appears to be intended to keep the number of visitors low so that they do not interfere with the construction. Although not well versed in English, a personal guide will take you through the complex. Hard hats are provided to protect you when inside the building.

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Silk satin is a luxury fabric made from silk with a satin fabrics finish. It has a floating appearance which drapes very well, especially for formal wear. The fabric is also extremely lightweight, and it has a glossy appearance and extremely soft texture and are visually very natural luster on the tactile feel smooth, delicate, drape well, no rough feeling. In all kinds of real silk varieties, taking the relatively good performance, have the advantage of satin fabric wrinkle and smooth and soft features,a rather shiny and reflective look to it. due to the way the silk is woven, the front of the fabric carries a satin like gleaming and shimmering look. You’ll find that satin is among the more expensive types of silk weave.satin is often put to use in lingerie and of course for evening gowns. A long flowing satin evening gown stands out as the height of elegance. the white satin can dyeing/batik/digital printing/screen printing/silk painting/tie dye/fabric painting process to increase the value of it. a full of vitality, show natural beauty of the natural fabric, with its seductive charm to attract consumers enjoy happy,finished garments comfortable to wear gorgeous, not only show temperament elegant free and easy, but also adds seductive charm, with the current popular taste clothes. especially after printing products, particularly charming, better visual effects.

The luster and delicate hand make satin suited to lingerie, flowing evening gowns, and drapery blouses. bridal gowns sometime use silk satin, however, the fabric does not hold a shape well, so it is not used for full, flared skirts; the satin tends to cling and hang against the body. It is best suited to a more fluid, slinky bias cut, and is too fragile and flimsy for more tailored clothing. Its uses in menswear include the lining of jackets and slacks, handkerchiefs, Shirts, pajamas,ties, and underwear such as silk satin boxer shorts. Made especially for nightwear and bedding. direct contact with human skin, bringing unimaginable silky feel to the skin.

Since the weft fabric plus a hard twist, so washed shrinkage is relatively large, gloss decline after launching,satin dry cleaning is recommended. can be washed, but the need to use a neutral soap and synthetic detergent or soap flakes, first with hot water to melt the soap to be cooled after dipping into all the clothes, then gently scrub, washed with water drift net.when cleaning, if they can add a little vinegar in the water, silk clothing color guangyan bright.

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Because silk satin fabrics resistance to sunlight is poor, so when drying clothes negative out, placed in the shade, dry to 80% dry, then use medium temperature ironing, can be kept constant clothes shiny, not iron clothes positive spray to avoid water stain marks.

There are many other less frequently used types of weaves which can be found in silk fabrics. some of these include brocade,canvas, crinkle,crepe, faille ribbed, sheer crepe and matalasse . each has it’s own properties making it useful for specific types of applications.for more information on silk, please contact us.

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